2x-ist Mens Underwear Brand Profile

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2x-ist Mens Underwear Brand Profile

Following on from my earlier profile of Andrew Christian, I’ve decided to focus on another of my favourite mens underwear brands – 2x-ist, who have been creating unique and stylish underwear for men for 20 years.

2x-ist is based in New York, and have been since they began life in 1991. They were founded by legendary designer Gregory Sovell, who’s restless creativity helped establish them as a pioneering male underwear brand.

In 2005, Sovell left to 2x-ist and founded a new underwear brand called C-IN2. Following this, Jason Scarletti took over as 2x-ist’s creative director. Scarletti is a busy man, who combines is job as creative director with regular US TV appearances and club and theatre shows as a comedian and entertainer.  Mens underwear

Since they were founded in 1991, 2x-ist have become an underwear brand synonymous with forward thinking, cutting edge mens styles and fashions. Their main focus is on innovative designs which offer comfort, support and style, featuring contoured front pouches to achieve this. In their own words, their main objective is to ‘create fashion forward designs to fit men’s lives’ – meaning they strive for perfection to provide highly stylised and superior quality mens underwear for everyday wear and enjoyment.

2x-ist are therefore always pushing the boundaries of male underwear, creating unique, innovative and exciting new ranges by constantly experimenting with new blends of fabrics and materials.

2x-ist were also perhaps the first brand to really advance the design and production of mens underwear using new technological innovations, like ‘No Show’ materials and enhancing underwear.

Amongst the many memorable additions to the underwear market 2x-ist have made are the aforementioned ‘No Show’ briefs and trunks, which provide comfort and style without anyone noticing, as well as their vast range of male enhancement underwear. This comes in the form of their Form, Shape and Contrast ranges, which all provide a different enhancing feature – whether its showing off an improved overall figure or enhancing your best assests!

These inventive and high fashionable ranges are some of the most interesting and striking items currently on the market – and all conform to 2x-ist’s main objective of providing excellent support and protection in fantastically stylish boxers and briefs.



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