Check Your Flight Status With Your 4G Phone

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Check Your Flight Status With Your 4G Phone

As the winter season drags on, many Americans who live in the north are beginning to grow tired of the many inconveniences that are created by the cold, stormy weather. Having to wake up 45 minutes early on a blustery February morning to shovel the nine inches of snow that fell overnight on the driveway is certainly no treat. Nor is having to dig out your car, unfreeze your pipes with boiling hot water, or don long johns under your work clothing. flight details

But perhaps the most annoying part of the winter season is travel delays. Whether you are coming back from a business trip in Rochester, New York, or trying to get away for a winter holiday with your family before the kids have to go back to school, getting stuck in an airport for hours on end after a flight has been delayed or canceled is incredibly frustrating. It costs you time, away from your home or your job or your vacation. And it also costs you money; those airport meals and magazines that you purchase to pass the time sure add up, not to mention the potential of spending a night at an airport hotel. When bad weather strikes, there is nothing you can do to prevent your flight from being delayed or canceled except show up and hope for the best. But there are ways that you can protect your own interests should such a situation happen to occur. In fact, thanks to all of the conveniences provided by modern technologies like wireless Internet and 4G cell phones, it is now easier than ever to minimize the pain that you suffer when your flight has been affected by the weather. You just have to plan ahead a little bit!

First of all, most airlines allow you to sign up for flight status notifications online. This means that if there is any delay in your flight, an alert will instantly be sent to you. You get to choose the method of communication. You can have an email sent to you, which is a great option if you have a 4G phone or regular access to wireless Internet. Or you can have a text message sent directly to your phone, or even be called at home or on your cell. That way you will not show up at the airport with all of your bags only to discover that your flight has been canceled.

You also want to show up at the airport prepared to wait just in case. Even if the skies are clear in your home city, snowy weather in another location can have a domino effect, canceling flights across the country. So it is better to be safe than sorry. If you have a 4G phone, you can browse the Internet in the lounge while you wait, which is sure to kill a few hours at least! If not, bring a book or some magazines, and make sure to stock up on snacks (just avoid the liquids, as they will be confiscated at security). Remember that everything costs more in the airport!


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