The Grocery Store Fish Story

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The Grocery Store Fish Story

Does easy meal planning seem out of reach for you? It doesn’t have to. I was the worlds worst running to the store three or four times a week. Or waiting until an hour before dinner to figure out what we were going to eat! russian grocery store

Never again! Easy meal planning is a way of life for me now. There are five ways to stay out of the grocery store during the week. Only one trip should be made to the store each week. This one thing alone will save you fuel and money.

You know if you are like I was,you go to the store for just a few items, and you end up buying a lot more. Most of the items are things we could do without!

*Step one. With notepad in hand, go through the cupboards and pantry to see what items you have on hand that you could use this week.

*Step two. Check the freezer to see what is available.

*Step Three. From the list you have, sit down and write out how many meals you have in reserve. After that continue on with the list and write down what meats you would like to have for the rest of your meals that week.

*Step Four. Try to pick a couple of meats that can make more than one meal for your family. For instance, this morning I put a pork roast in the Crockpot. We will eat the roast for the first meal, then I will chop up the rest and add barbecue sauce for sandwiches.

*Step Five. From the list you have in your hand create a grocery list. This is where you add things like eggs, butter, milk, vegetables, etc. Be sure and think ahead for lunches for the children and snacks.

There you have it! Easy meal planning in five steps.

These five steps to stay out of the grocery store absolutely work! And the good news is that this entire system only takes about twenty minutes a week!


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